Stone Setting

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Jackie Bell Stonesetting-27.jpg

Stone Setting


Saturday 9th & Sunday 10 March                                

10.30am – 5.30pm

For intermediates but beginners welcome

This workshop will explore ways of using bezel settings in a more imaginative way and look at other Stonesetting methods to help you choose the best way to make your favourite gem(s) stand out.

Day 1 – instruction will be given on how to make a bezel to fit any stone and to make the setting original and interesting.

Day 2 – depending on the stone to be set, we will work with a variety of settings such as bezel, tabs, gallery, cups cones and look at the use of prefabricated mounts.

If you have a gemstone which you would like to set please let the tutor know in advance, if not a selection will be available to choose from.

Course led by Jacqueline Bell

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