Providing a platform for the young to build their own future. . .

Providing a platform for the young to build their own future. . .

Graduating from university is one thing, making it as a maker is a another altogether. It is very easy to fall at business hurdles after graduating and the PMW is here to be the next step after leaving confines of education. The Precious Metals Workshop offers 2 graduates from the UK, the opportunity to become a maker with us for a year and have a free bench place as our graduates in residence.


Deadline for entry is Friday 12th July 2019. All applicants will be notified by Friday 26th July 2019

Applications can be made here through this form

Our program offers each successful applicant:

  • A free shared bench with a second successful applicant for one year

  • Teacher training in assisting our tutors on our courses..

  • Weekly Business mentoring in starting up your own business.


T'S and C's:

The desk/bench share on offer is in our main workshop and classroom. The desk share for each graduate has a value of £48.75 per month, should either graduate wish to move to a bigger desk, they will be discounted that from the value of their preferred choice. Dates of the year are in accordance with the UK academic timetable and run September to September. All decisions are at the discretion of the Precious Metals Workshop. All rules and regulations must be adhered to in the graduate in residence contract and the position may be subject to removal should any of the rules and regulations of the workshop be breached. For further information please use the contact heading above.

"After graduating from art school in 2012 the graduate in residence programme at PMW gave me a space where I could continue to develop my work. It was a great experience, seeing how a real workshop was run, meeting like minded people and gaining experience assisting with some of the classes. It was an ideal transition for me from art school into the early stages of my jewellery career and I would highly recommend it to other graduates unsure of what the next step is!"

Jane Harrison. Graduate in residence 2012-13