Welcome to Pliers, the educational and not-for-profit social enterprise arm to the Precious Metals Workshop. Starting in January 2017, Pliers will run courses throughout the year at the PMW over a three, ten week term in alignment with the UK's academic timetable. We run three, ten week terms each year in alignment with the UK schools term times, linking up the half terms. Our Evening classes and weekend workshops aim to have something for everyone and for all levels of skills. Towards the end of 2017, we intend to launch an assisted places scheme, whereby learners who couldn't otherwise afford to sign up to courses can apply for discounted places. Please see our Terms & Conditions when booking any course.

Please see our list of courses below for the up coming term. Places are limited to 8 in order to allow good one-to-one time with the tutors and assistants. Any course enquiries can be made directly through our contact heading above.