Little things make big differences

Having recently visited Dundee for its ethical jewellery symposium and Birmingham for Flux, it has become clear how important it is for the PMW to do its bit as we have a duty of care to out members, makers, clients, students and everything that we come in contact to in the environment to leave constructive and positive affects in the sphere of our operation. Little things make big differences and we are all responsible for our actions and have a duty of care to the world around us. So these are the first few steps for the PMW in our ethical journey:

We are pledging that where possible we will work with recycled precious metals and materials. In support of this, we will be running a course entitled "From trash to treasure" where we will show you how to reuse your scrap silver and turn it into sheet and wire.

We have set up an area in the workshop for "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" where items that still have value (packaging, display, tools, containers. . . ) and use are not simply thrown to the landfill.

We are buying Fairtrade materials where possible, mainly tea and coffee for now but with an eye to see what else there is.

We will review the chemicals we buy and ensure they are always disposed of correctly.

We will use MSC certified sustainably sourced paper or recycled paper for all our printing needs.

For further information on how I, as a maker, am progressing on my own ethical journey, please feel free to pop over to my own website and blog, I have recently been licenced to work with Fairmined gold and silver and will be writing and campaigning for industry wide developments and improvements.

First steps. . .

"Where courage is an accumulation of small steps, success is an accumulation of courageous ones. For with persistent will and stubborn determination, there is no step too small"
Ian Nicholson