"Going for Gold" has come about from a visit to the Potosi silver mines in Bolivia, some ten years ago now. I was shocked at seeing the working conditions that the miners faced. I recall that I gave a 12 year old child called Juan a stick of dynamite from a local shop which sold unregulated explosives. Without the explosives miners are unable to extract the metal veins they locate in the rock. I have often wondered what has become of him and his father who were underground for most of the day, breathing toxic gases and dusts, not knowing if explosives would be set off just feet away from them on an unknown tunnel right beside them. Now many years on I can help change this.  All of us, as individuals, groups can influence demand by choosing to work responsibly and educating our clients in the importance of sourcing from exploitation-free mines.

This is a two part project where I intend to generate further awareness with the Scottish public and businesses that work with precious metals and jewellery and then give back to the artisanal mining communities that are kept in a circle of poverty and exploitation. Please see the video below for a further explanation and funding appeal.

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Below are some startling truths behind gold mining around the world. Click on the images to see for yourself what really goes on. Warning, some of these images you may find upsetting.

Below are some videos that may help you see the situation for yourself. . .