Cad and 3D Print


Cad and 3D Print


27th January & 3rd February from 10:30am – 5:30pm

For beginners and intermediates

On this two day (back to back Saturdays) course you will learn how to understand different modelling techniques using software that will enable you to create models that can be fabricated using CAD [computer aided design] to generate product. We will create simple models, using primitives to start with, progressing to 3D surface models and get you started with this fabulous tool. You will also get the chance to print your iten at the workshop in our castable resin. Attendees should have:

  • A basic grasp of 2D design and drawing and jewellers should be confident on the bench as these skills are transferrable to this class and will support your learning of CAD – not essential, but will be beneficial.

  • Please bring with you your own laptop, power cable and mouse.

  • We will send you a link to download the trial software used after signing up for the weekend.

  • An open mind, be enthusiastic and have plenty of snacks and water to fuel your brain

  • Realistic expectations – you will not become proficient in 3D modelling overnight.  This software requires dedication to practice….

    Course led by Anne Walker -

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