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23rd & 24th September from 10:30am – 5:30pm

This workshop will explore ways of using Bezel Settings in a more imaginative way, and look at other Stonesetting methods to help you choose the best way to make you favourite Gems stand out.

Some experience of Jewellery making will be helpful, but beginners are welcome.

Please bring along any of your own found or personal objects which you would like to set, as instruction can include constructing an irregular bezel and using this to make an unique piece. Please contact us in advance if you would like to do this, as you may need to purchase additional materials .

Day 1-Instuction will be given on how to construct a bezel to fit any stone, with advice on how to set tricky bits such as corners. We will discuss how to cut into the sides of the Bezel to make it more original and interesting.

Day 2-Depending on the stone to be set, we will work with a variety of settings such as bezels, tabs, gallery, cups, cones and look at the use ofprefabricated mounts.

If you have a gemstone which you would like to set please let the tutor know in advance, if not a selection will be available to choose from

Course led by Jaqueline Bell – Facebook page

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