"The Precious Metals Workshop acknowledges the importance of its footprint (or our sphere of operation) and the mark it leaves on the environment. The affects, realised or not,  have an impact all who interact with the PMW, be it as a client, customer, business relation, student member, maker and any other being, human or living creature. Consequently it is not only in our interest to act responsibly but also our duty to do to by way of example for others to follow. While we understand the task to be 100% environmentally friendly is outwith our ability, we will monitor and revise our actions, dealings and decisions and the affects they have in turn in our sphere of operation with a look to continually improve where we can. "

For a more in-depth insight into our ethical journey, please see our blog each month on what we are doing and how we are doing it. Our intention is to be a leader in responsible workshops for everyone to see, understand and learn from to inspire them in their own responsible direction. It is, at this point in our place as a people, almost impossible to be 100% environmentally friendly, or to at least know that we are operating so. For example, we don't know how each and every component of every machine that we use was made and the positive or negative affects its production has in the environment. The plastics, glass, wood and metals in our computer equipment, cars, workshop tools, furniture lights and everything else, its just not realistic to currently operate with everything being sourced at the very least carbon neutral. But it's something to aim for. We are not perfect, we will get things wrong and make mistakes, but we will learn from our errors and keep moving forward in an ethically positive and environmentally productive way. If you see us doing something that you think we can do better, or improve in any way that has a benefit to people and the environment, please do let us know. Below are some of the things that we have done here at the PMW to make the world a better place.

Caring at Christmas

Christmas is meant to be a time of year that is about joy, giving and coming together to show the best of humanity. Sadly it has become somewhat of a commercial monster and is often more about money than giving. The stresses of the festive period are a huge factor in the reason that this time of the year has the highest suicide rates and often makes what is intended to be wonderful, utterly awful. More people end up homeless on the street this time of the year than any other month due to the financial pressures that are thrust upon us from this commercial time. Trees cut down from unsustainable sources just for decoration then binned is irresponsible when we all have opinions about the rainforests being cut down on the other side of this planet. It is our responsibility as individuals and businesses to play our part in making a positive difference in the world.

Using recycled silver is a step in the right direction for working with precious metals. It is impossible to tell, unless working directly with certified Fair Trade precious metals, where the metal has come from. Mines in third world countries are unregulated and have no health and safety systems in place. Minors can start working at any age and rarely live past the age of 30 due to chronic lung conditions. By buying responsibly we can make a difference to this.

This year the Precious Metals Workshop is teaming up with the Caring Christmas Trees organisation, which is a social enterprise arm to the Bethany Christian Trust, and selling Ian Nicholson's recycled silver Christmas tree earrings and decorations. All profit is going to the CCT organisation to help promote their responsibly sourced trees and donate very important and needed funds to the BCT to help the Scotland's homeless individuals. Caring Christmas Trees sells sustainably grown trees and the profits from the sales fund their programs combatting homelessness.

If you would like to play your part this Christmas then you can help here in two ways. You can buy your responsibly sourced Christmas tree by clicking the above CCT link, or buy buying some of the recycled silver Christmas tree earrings and decorations below. I wish you all a great and giving festive period.

Earrings 1

The recycled silver Christmas tree earrings are boxed and posted to you within one week.

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Earrings 2

The hallmarked recycled silver Christmas tree earrings are hallmarked, boxed and posted to you within one week.

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Tree Decoration

The hallmarked recycled silver tree decorations are approximately 5cm in height, boxed and mailed to you within a week.

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Ready, Steady, Jewel!

Every business today has a duty to operate responsibly, there is no excuse to conduct ourselves in any other way. The PMW prides itself on its ethical decisions ad directions. Where possible we like to give to various different charities and brilliant organisations. For three years, 2010 - 2012, we ran a great project called "Ready, Steady, Jewel!" that not only showcased young up and coming makers but raised over £10,000 various good causes. RSJ was based on the format of "Ready, Steady, Cook" but we used jewellers instead of chefs! Each maker had a shopping basket for precious metals and gemstones and 8 hours in the Precious Metals Workshop to make their item. After its completion, the work wet on display in the prestigious Hamilton and Inches of Edinburgh before going to auction, where all proceeds went to charity. Below are the works that was produced over the 3 years. Our Facebook page is still live - click here