Chasing and Repousse’


Chasing and Repousse’


2nd & 3rd November - 10am to 5pm

Repousse' and Chasing are among the most ancient techniques of working precious and non precious metals.

Metal processing with these techniques allows to obtain low and high reliefs without removing material; in fact the metal is pushed out (Repousse') or moved in (Chasing) by using tools as a hammer and punches of different shapes and sizes.

For the nature of this process the metal is usually set or filled (in case of a vase) with pitch, which as a given medium allow the metal to take shape.

As a form of art, the beauty of those techniques is that they both together give plasticity to the metal and a wide range in terms of expression to the artist.

During the course the students will be introduced to both of the techniques, learning how to create their own tools, setting up the metal on pitch and how to annealing the metal for make it workable during the process.

The students will work on a piece of copper, first creating a suitable design, learn to transfer that on the actual piece of metal, working in both Repousse' and Chasing to obtain a final product.

Course led by Dario Batzella

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