Ethical Jewellery Workshop


Ethical Jewellery Workshop


22 September - 10am to 5pm

Would you like to build an ethical jewellery business or find ways to improve ethical practices in your current business? Perhaps you would just like to learn more about ethics in the jewellery industry?

If so you may be considering how to source ethical supplies, gemstones, silver, Fairtrade Gold etc. and how to run your business in a way that does good as well as providing you with a great income for yourself.

In this one-day workshop you will learn about the different ways you can become more ethical in your business. Covering topics including:  
- Industry issues and why we need responsible sourcing of metals and gemstones
- Gold & silver - Fairtrade & Fairmined options
- Diamonds & gemstones - including sourcing options and buying tips, mining and the journey of the gemstone, man-made stones
- Your workplace - what you can do in your own space to be more ethical

This workshop is ideal for active jewellers, but will also be of benefit to those in the planning stages of their jewellery business or with a general interest in ethical practices in the industry. No previous knowledge is required.

Course led by Stuart Pool

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