The Creative Mindset Group - Wednesdays


The Creative Mindset Group - Wednesdays


10 weeks - 7:45pm to 8:45pm - 11th September to 20th November

It’s hard being out there on your own, doing it on your own. I know, I’m on that journey with you. There are days when it can feel so arrrrrrrgh, so overwhelming and all consuming.

This peer group coaching is that safe space to be vulnerable, to share those challenges and frustrations without judgement, in confidence, be supported and honest with yourself and others, to be lovingly challenged and expand your viewpoint from the perspective of where you are stuck to a place of movement, to absorb, to ask powerful questions, to connect to your intuition, to give back, to receive, to be, to grow.

Cameron will be facilitating these weekly coaching group meetings and would love you to join us and be part of an empowering group of creators who are supporting one another meeting those challenges head on and getting curious with them. 

With this Creative Mindset Group, you will get:

·         Clarity on your creative and personal life

·         Exploration of your barriers, issues, struggles and how to change mindset and achieve your goals

  • Lessons on mindfulness, well-being, creativity, and personal development

  • Guidance from me (Cameron Murdoch), a Creativity Coach with 30 years of experience who knows the creative industries

  • Support, Feedback and Perspective from me and group. You will get to hear from people with the same struggles and issues. You’ll get to see and learn from what others are doing

  • Accountability and structure to help you stay on track and encouragement from others (and you’ll stop feeling bad about not doing it), to keep you consistent in your creative, business and life goals and objectives

  • Mastermind sessions to troubleshoot challenging creative and life problems

  • New practices and skills to try out in your own creative personal and professional life

  • A private community with fellow creatives. So you will have an opportunity to share ideas and cultivate connections with like-minded colleagues – maybe even new partners on projects! Goodbye, isolation!

In other words, no more feeling frustrated and behind all the time. These groups will help you expand your creativity, get closer to achieving your goals and celebrate your steps.

Half term 16th October, no class.

Course led by Cameron Murdoch

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