The Precious Metals Workshop has created a community of makers, where they share their knowledge, skills and inspire each other as creative individuals. We provide a range of specialised equipment including two heavy duty soldering stations suitable for casting, pickling tanks, wheel and barrel polishers, ultrasonic tank, bubble etching tanks for copper and silver, fly press, ring stretchers, stone setting tools, heavy duty vices, bench drills, hammering stumps, silversmithing hammers, draw bench and plates, metal guillotine, rolling mill, large and small kilns. We have an extensive collection of resource books on techniques and practices to support both our emerging and established makers.

There are a number of different benches to rent, ranging from as little as £42/month up to £130/month depending on your requirements and bench sharing is permitted. Each bench comes with a bench peg and lockable storage for your own items to keep in the workshop.

  • Workshop 1 - Single desk £78/month. Desk share £50.70/month.

  • Studio 1 - Single desk £99/month. Desk share £64.35/month.

  • Studio 2 - Single desk £141/month. Desk share £91.65/month.

  • Studio 3 - £320/month.

You can also use our equipment on an hourly, daily or weekly basis through our membership scheme which starts at £5/hour. Please contact us for all enquiries into space for becoming a Maker in residence or use of the membership facility by emailing to or through our contact page. Please feel free to contact us and come and have a look round our facilities before joining our creative community.

Membership times are Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.


Membership access
from 5.00

Membership access couldn't be simpler. Just book and pay through the website. If you haven't been with us before you will need to arrange a workshop induction with Ian on your first visit.

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